Launch of the Membership Code of Professional Conduct

Following the launch of The Society’s new Strategic Plan, our Council of Trustees has approved a new Code of Professional Conduct for all Members which ensures that all interactions within our community are guided by our values, ethics and culture.

The 2018-2011 Strategic Plan defines the values and guiding principles for the way we work at The Society. The Code of Professional Conduct (the Code) is a mechanism through which Members can engage with these values and buy into the positive behaviours and attitudes which allow our community, and physiology, to flourish. The Code does not set out stringent rules or unrealistic expectations but formalises normal behaviours and actions that we all have the right to expect in our interactions in a professional and social environment. Through the Code we hope to nurture an ethos of professionalism, respect and inclusivity and build a supportive culture that sees The Society, its Members and physiology as a discipline succeed. 

For more information, you can read the full Code and some frequently asked questions here. You are not required to take any immediate action as the Code now simply forms part of the “rules” of The Society or “terms and conditions of your membership contract”. Completion of your next membership renewal will confirm your agreement.