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23 July 2015
The Science Council is looking to refresh the 2014 list of the 100 leading scientists in the UK
20 July 2015
CaSE calls for evidence on impact of immigration on UK science and engineering
19 June 2015
The Journal of Physiology's Impact Factor rises to 5.037
15 June 2015
Professor Frances Ashcroft receives DBE
11 June 2015
On the 3 June 2015, the European Commission made its formal response to the public hearing on the 11 May.
28 May 2015
Members may be interested in this video which was filmed at Experimental Biology this year.
05 May 2015
Society Members elected to Royal Society
01 May 2015
Congratulations to Professor Annette Dolphin FMedSci FRS and Dr Linda Buck ForMemRS for being elected to the Fellowship and Foreign Membership of the Royal Society on 30 April 2015.
13 April 2015
NC3Rs publish their Annual Report