Host a placement for a 17-year-old this summer

We would like to hear from any Members who are interested in hosting a research placement for a 17-year-old this summer. Please sign up using the form below by Sunday 14 April 2019.

More details

Can you remember who or what inspired you to choose a career in research? Would you like to offer a similar opportunity to a 17-year-old today and open their eyes to what a research career might be like?

Together with the Nuffield Foundation, we are offering Members the opportunity to host a 17-year-old for a period of 4-6 weeks during their summer holiday in 2019. The students are high achievers from low-income backgrounds with an interest in developing science and research skills. Hosting a project gives you the opportunity to develop your supervision skills whilst collecting data towards a project that you are running.  Over 25% of students who apply for a Nuffield Research Placement are interested in biomedical sciences so there’s a huge demand in this area.

The Nuffield Foundation pay student travel costs and prioritise young people from low-income backgrounds or with no family history in Higher Education.

The benefits

  1. Develop your teaching and mentoring skills as well as gain management experience for your portfolio e.g. for HEA Associate Fellowship.
  2. A chance to inspire a 17-year-old and showcase your area of research; they may one day become a student of yours or a potential collaborator.
  3. The student will make a significant contribution to your work, leading to more published papers and grant applications.
  4. Your institution will be able to show that it is committed to increasing access to young people in your local area.
  5. There’s no financial commitment! The Nuffield Foundation will pay for the student’s travel costs.

Who is eligible?

Any Full Member, Affiliate or Associate, including PhD students, of The Physiological Society based in a UK institution that has a safeguarding children policy. You can also apply to be a co-supervisor with another Member. We welcome projects in all areas of physiology.

For more information, please email

Express an interest

If you are interested in hosting a 17-year-old this summer, please fill in the following form by Sunday 14 April 2019.

Use of data

All data will be stored securely by The Physiological Society for a period of 5 years and disclosed only to the Nuffield Foundation, which will also treat the data confidentially under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulations. Your data will only be used for the purposes of communication, evaluation and reports in relation to the Nuffield Research Placement scheme. You have the right to request that your data will not be used for any of these purposes and/or deleted at any time.

For further information, please see The Society's Fair Processing Notice at www/