Oral History Transcripts

Transcripts of interviews from the Oral Histories Project for The Society's History & Archives Committee are available below. We will be making more available on this page from the collection in due course. The original digital sound recordings are lodged with The Society and will be placed in its archive at The Wellcome Library.

Horace Barlow interviewed in 2010 by Ann Silver, David Tolhurst and Martin Rosenberg 

Lynn Bindman interviewed in 2015 by Laurence Smaje, Alex Cooper & David Miller

David Colquhoun interviewed in 2014 by Jonathan Ashmore

Hugh Davson (1909–1996) interviewed in 1995 by Malcolm Segal and Tilli Tansey

Paul Fatt (1924–2014) interviewed in 2013 by Jonathan Ashmore

John Gillespie (1926–2009) interviewed in 2006 by David Miller with Martin Rosenberg and Tom Muir

Otto Hutter interviewed in 1996 by Tilli Tansey and Martin Rosenberg

Sir Andrew Huxley (1917–2012) interviewed in 1996 by Tony Angel

Sally Page interviewed in 2007 by Tony Gardner-Medwin, Roger Woledge and Martin Rosenberg

Ann Silver interviewed in 2008 by Dafydd Walters and Martin Rosenberg

Roger Thomas interviewed by Bridget Lumb and David Miller in 2016

Gerta Vrbová interviewed in 2013 by Thelma Lovick with David Miller

Patrick Wall (1925–2001) interviewed by Martin Rosenberg and Stephen McMahon in 1999

Wilfred Widdas interviewed by Martin Rosenberg with Graham Baker in 1999

John Widdicombe (1925–2011) interviewed in 2008 by Dafydd Walters and Saffron Whitehead

Roger Woledge interviewed in 2006 by Nancy Curtin and Martin Rosenberg


The Cambridge technicians

Ron Cook interviewed by Ann Silver and Martin Rosenberg in 2009

Clive Hood interviewed by Tilli Tansey and Ann Silver in 1995

Bill Smith interviewed by Ann Silver and Martin Rosenberg in 2009