Outreach Grants awarded to date

Full list of Outreach Grants to date:


  • The Science of Marathon Running, Emma Ross, University of Brighton
  • Science and engineering extravaganza at Manchester Science Festival - Irene di Giulio, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • 'The Heart as a Pump' at Manchester Science Festival Science Spectacular - Clare Austin and Tracey Speake, University of Manchester
  • "Touching is Believing" at Manchester Science Festival Science Spectacular - Michael Bale, University of Manchester
  • CHaOS Summer Roadshow - Jonathon Holland, University of Cambridge
  • Meet the Physiologist at MOSI, Fiona Lynch, University of Manchester
  • An Appetite for Science? - Michelle Sleeth, Imperial College London
  • Festival of Neuroscience, Emil Toescu, University of Birmnigham
  • Meet the Neuroscientist at MOSI - Emily Robinson, University of Manchester
  • ‘Step Into Science’ - Kylie Beale, Imperial College London
  • The Discovery Zone - Laura Corns, University of Leeds
  • The Body Experience - Dr Stuart Allan, University of Manchester
  •  Student Lab Visits - Lucy Donaldson, University of Bristol


  • MedSci Outreach Programme - Kevin Murphy, Imperial College London
  • Manchester Meets its Physiologists – Rebecca Brookfield, University of Manchester
  • What Do You Need to Make You Move? – Dr Emma Hodson-Tole, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • A Heart to Heart Talk – Dr Sanjay Kharche, University of Manchester
  • Cambridge Hands-on Science Summer Roadshow 2010 – Jonathon Holland, University of Cambridge
  • Sport and Exercise Physiology Outreach at Nottingham Trent University – Caroline Sunderland, Nottingham Trent University
  • Metabolic Physiology Outreach at the University of Nottingham – Dr Andrew Murton, University of Nottingham
  • An Appetite for Science? – Michelle Sleeth, Imperial College London
  • How to Burst your Clot – Dr Shreena Joshi, University of Manchester
  • Neuroscience Workshops for Primary Schools – Dr Sheila Dargan, Cardiff University
  • Making Memories Stick – Dr Stephen Fitzjohn, University of Bristol
  • Physiology in Action – Kevin McDermott, University of East Anglia
  • Learn About Life - Sheila Dargan, University of Cardiff


  • The Discovery Zone at Leeds – Dr Sue Deuchars, University of Leeds
  • An Appetite for Science? – Dr Emily Thompson, Imperial College London
  • Exercise Physiology Sixth Form Workshop – Jayne Hastings, Coventry University