Cardiac & Respiratory Physiology symposia

Cellular and molecular mechanisms in atrial fibrillation
Katharine Dibb and Andrew Trafford (University of Manchester, UK)

08.45-12.30, Tuesday 3 July
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Hypoxia-response coupling in oxygen-sensing cells: Will the true mechanism please stand up
A Mark Evans (University of Edinburgh, UK) and Constancio Gonzalez (Universidad de Valladolid, Spain)

08.45-12.30, Wednesday 4 July
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Advancing our understanding of the pathophysiology of cardiac disease using in vivo assessment of heart function in rodent models

(Sponsored and published by Experimental Physiology)
Christopher Loughrey (University of Glasgow, UK) and Gillian Gray (University of Edinburgh, UK)

08.45-12.30, Thursday 5 July
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