How can we cure obesity?

Metabolism & EndocrinologyMetabolism & Endocrinology (ME)

Organised by Kevin Murphy (Imperial College London, UK)

Obesity is a major public health problem. Current drugs based have proven ineffective or and to be plagued by side effects. The last decade has seen tremendous progress in our understanding of obesity. The control of body weight is complex and involves the regulation of both energy expenditure and food intake by peripheral hormones and by central neurotransmitters. This symposium explores the mechanisms by which we regulate our appetite, and whether we can exploit these mechanisms to treat obesity.

RFamides and metabolic regulation
Simon Luckman, (University of Manchester, UK)
Obesity as a brain disease
Giles Yeo, (University of Cambridge, UK)
Potential mechanisms linking diabetes and obesity
Rohit Kulkarni, (Harvard University, Cambridge, USA)
Bariatric surgery and appetite
Carel Le Roux, (Imperial College London, UK)
Ghrelin and food reward
Suzanne Dickson, (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)
The use of gut hormones as potential anti-obesity drugs
Kevin Murphy, (Imperial College London, UK)