The programme for Physiology 2012 features prize lectures, symposia, as well as Oral and Poster Communications, delivered over four days. For a one-page programme overview, click here for the printable PDF.

The prize lectures will be of interest to all physiologists, whilst the symposia and Communications are labelled according to seven broad Themes.

These Themes are purely meant as an indication. You may feel you belong in one particular Theme, but have an interest in a symposium or Communication labelled as another.

Use the list below, or the menu on the left, to find out more information on the symposia in each Theme.

Cardiac & Respiratory PhysiologyCardiac & Respiratory Physiology (CR)Cellular & Integrative NeuroscienceCellular & Integrative Neuroscience (CI)
Epithelia & Membrane TransportEpithelia & Membrane Transport (EM)Human & Exercise PhysiologyHuman & Exercise Physiology (HE)
Metabolism & EndocrinologyMetabolism & Endocrinology (ME)Vascular & Smooth Muscle PhysiologyVascular & Smooth Muscle Physiology (VS)
Cross ThemedCross Themed (CT)Education & TeachingEducation & Teaching (ET)