The Physiological Society responds to the EU Referendum

The UK voting to withdraw from the EU was not the result that the majority of the scientific sector wanted to see. This will cause a period of uncertainty as the UK's future relationship with the EU is negotiated. However, it is vital that the international endeavour of research continues. UK scientists must continue to collaborate with their overseas partners, and the country must remain open to talented scientists coming to work here and enthusiastic students coming to study here.

We want to emphasise that The Physiological Society remains firmly committed to its collaborative ventures. The Europhysiology project that has recently been agreed, and which will be launched in London in 2018, is a clear statement that physiology is an international enterprise. This must not, and cannot be constrained by borders. The future of physiology lies with strong and confident co‐operation. The Society is therefore resolute in the pursuit of science with its European friends. Our science depends on our collaboration.

We will be working with government and other bodies across the sector to ensure that whatever settlement is eventually agreed between the UK and the EU, the effects will not be deleterious to our members and we will retain our position as a leading scientific nation.


Professor Richard Vaughan-Jones

President, The Physiological Society