Physiology Friday and Biology Week Outreach Grants

Biology Week 2017   Physiology Friday

Outreach Grants of up to £500 are available to Members of The Society for outreach and public engagement grants around Physiology Friday and Biology Week. 

The grants aim to

  • Ignite curiosity in young audiences and old audiences about the physiology of humans and animals.
  • Stimulate physiologists to share their stories, passion and expertise in innovative ways with wider audiences, particularly those that are traditionally hard to reach 
  • Increase dialogue between researchers and the public, in particular on topics such as the animal research and the relevance of research on health, medicine and performance.
  • Support primary, secondary, and tertiary teaching through linking schools with academics experts

Grants can provide funding for

  • Resources  e.g. printed material, demonstration kit
  • Speaker and demonstrator expenses e.g. travel and accommodation
  • Marketing material 

Grants cannot provide funding for

  • Honoraria 
  • Food and drinks receptions 

Terms and conditions

  • Applications should be submitted by 11.59pm, Sunday 3 September 2017 
  • Funds received through this grant scheme must only be used for the purpose outline in the application. 
  • Copies of generated material should be submitted to The Society where applicable. Physical material should be made readily available to Society Members either free or on low-cost loan or purchase for a period of at least 5 years after termination of the project. 
  • The Society must be acknowledged in all promotional material, website and at the event itself, and logo usage must be signed off by the office. 
  • Grant holder must provide feedback on the status of the activity/event to The Society Outreach Officer. 
  • Project should take place during Biology Week (Saturday 7 October – Sunday 15 October)
  • Upon completion of the project you will be required to produce a detailed post-activity report detailing activities, outcomes and recommendations within 12 weeks. 
  • Unspent funds must be returned to The Society. 
  • Proof of payments associated with this grant must be kept for a period of 3 months following the end of the grant period and, on request, provide us with such information.

If you do not comply with the terms and conditions set out here, or if the grant is not used for the purpose with which it is given, the funds will be repayable at The Society's discretion.

Apply here 

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The Society is committed to the principles of diversity, equality and inclusion, and thereby welcomes applications from individuals of all backgrounds. Applications that consider how to involve audiences from a range of different backgrounds (particularly those that are traditionally hard-to-reach) are encouraged.