Physiology News digital guide

We are pleased to introduce Physiology News on our new digital platform.  This platform offers a number of benefits and features, and the guide below will help you use our digital magazine. For those using mobile devices, our digital platform will automatically change to a mobile optimised view of the magazine.

Full screenFull screen view. The magazine is best viewed in full screen mode - click to view in this mode, and press esc to close full screen mode.
commentingCommenting. Click the comment icon to navigate to the commenting area. Commenting is for Society Members only and requires you to login to the website.
  tabsPages tab. Click to navigate to pages within an issue using a thumbnail view of each page.
Archive tab. Click to navigate to any issue within the archive using a thumbnail view of each issue.
 searchSearch. To search a single issue simply type your keyword into the search box. To search the entire archive, using the drop down menu to select 'All editions'. You can also search between date ranges and sort results by relevancy or issue. Results are displayed with a list of each page, with your keyword highlighted.
 tocTable of contents. Click to view the issue table of contents, and click to view any section.
 reading view

Reading view. Click to enlarge the view to a full half screen, making it easier to read each page. Press the reading view button again to return to the normal view.

 social media

Social media. Click to share the edition on a selection of social media platforms.

 clippingCreate a clipping. This allows you to select an area of any page and creates an image of that selection for you to save or share.

Bookmarks. This allows you to create bookmarks within an issue. You can create as many bookmarks as you like, allowing you to navigate to a specific area on any issue. Can bookmark tab will appear to the left of the your screen when created. You bookmarks are retained until you clear your browser cache.

 page navigation

Page navigation. Click the outer arrows to navigate to the first or last page, then central arrows to turn the next page, or type a specific page number to navigate to that page.


Zoom. Enlarge or reduce the page size using the zoom buttons. zooming can also be achieved by clicking anywhere on the page.


Email a friend. By entering an email address and message, you can send as issue link to a friend or colleague.

 pdf download

Download to PDF. This allows you to select all or specific pages from an issue to download to a PDF - ideal for offline viewing.