Apply for Physiology News Editorial Board

Editorial Board Member - Three year role until June 2022. Apply by Friday 31 May 2019

Physiology News is an integral element of communication and is currently of particular importance as The Society’s new five year strategy focuses on increased engagement with membership and the public. 

This is an exciting opportunity to work with the Editorial Board to shape the direction of PN and develop engaging, high quality scientific content. We have two roles available, and one of these is specifically for Affiliate Members only. 

The Editorial Board’s role is to:  

  • Propose new scientific articles to be commissioned and support the Scientific Editor to ensure engaging scientific content, working closely with the Managing Editor.
  • Hold quarterly meetings (either in person and/or by telephone or online conferencing) to identify and review scientific content of the magazine and develop 12 month rolling content.
  • Help develop a programme of commissioned articles. 
  • With the Scientific Editor, designate specific roles to individual Editorial Board members, for example, responsibility for commissioning articles around key publications from our journals.

What’s involved?

This role will require working closely with PN’s Scientific Editor, in-house Managing Editor (a member of professional staff) and The Society’s Communications Team to identify forthcoming themed issues, plan content, commission and review articles. The role is voluntary, however reasonable expenses incurred in the course of work will be reimbursed in line with Society policies. 

Required skills and experience:

Candidates wishing to be considered should submit a CV together with a completed skills analysis form and letter of no more than one A4 page summarising the following :

  • a statement describing the reasons for their interest in the position;
  • an assessment of the current state of Physiology News and suggestions for improvement
  • any other comments that the candidate feels are relevant

Please send applications to Julia Turan by emailing

Membership of The Society is not a prerequisite for application, and we therefore welcome all interested applicants including our colleagues in industry, clinical practice and science communication. However, non-Members will be expected to join The Society in the appropriate category for the duration of their term.