Help us design a public engagement activity on the science of sleep

Our focus for 2018 is the ‘Physiology of our Body Clocks’ and we are looking for enthusiastic Members to help us design an activity based on their work that will engage the public on this topic. 

We will use this activity as part of a Public Engagement Training Day in June when we will support our members to gain skills and confidence in public engagement. This is a great opportunity to find creative ways of showcasing your research and inspiring others to take an interest in Physiology.

More information about the training day will be available later in the month. If you are a physiologist with expertise in the science of sleep keen to communicate with the public, please get in touch!

Physiology Friday – Friday 12 October 2018


Every October we ask physiologists to unite in celebration of Physiology Friday, an annual event falling on the last Friday of Biology Week.

We call on all our Members to help showcase the important and amazing world of human and animal bodies through outreach and public engagement activities.  Hold an open day in your lab, put on an exhibition, organise a public lecture or debate, visit schools or local community groups, bake a cake, write a poem, start a social media campaign, do all you can to spread your passion for the science of life.

Dates for the diary:

Physiology Friday 2018 – Friday, 12 October 2018

Physiology Friday 2019  Friday, 11 October 2019

Interested in getting involved? If you are interested in putting on an event for your school or community group, please email outreach@physoc.org for more information. 

Call for proposals: 2018 – The Physiology of our Body Clocks

The Physiological Society is committed to supporting our Members in communicating their work to wider audiences. We believe an engaged cohort of young people and a well-informed public is key to ensuring a new generation of high quality physiologists and continued excellence in physiological research. Each year we aim to shine a public spotlight on different areas of Member research and show its relevance to people’s lives. Our call for proposal to be involved with focus on The Physiology of our Body Clocks is now open! Please email outreach@physoc.org for more information.

Future focus: 

2019: Extreme Physiology  

2020: Regeneration

The Physiology of our Body Clocks – Events to attend

The Science and Culture of Sleep and Sleeplessness

Sleep is an enormous part of our lives and has fascinated scientists, artists and writers for centuries: Why do we sleep? And why do we sometimes struggle to sleep?

UCL Grand Challenges held a day of informal talks – with perspectives on sleep and sleeplessness from biologists, historians, artists, medics and cultural critics – and continued discussion over drinks in the evening.

Free Word Centre, 10 January 2018, 11.15 – 21.00.

Sleep Across the Animal Kingdom

Do all animals sleep? How can we tell? Attend this evening event in which Dr James Jepson, Dr Jason Rihel and Kimberley Whitehead will discuss sleep patterns from flies to humans.

Grant Museum of Zoology, 28 February 2018, 18:00 – 19:00

Free, pre-booking essential

Find out more and book!