Physiology on Wikipedia

13 October 2017

Hodgkin Huxley House,
30 Farringdon Lane,
London EC1R 3AW, United Kingdom

Join our Wikimedian in Residence, Andy Mabbett, and be part of The Society’s Wikipedia Edit-a-thon.

An Edit-a-Thon is an event where people come together with the aim of creating and improving factual Wikipedia articles.

With an abundance of gaps in the biographies of many notable past and present physiologists, several of which have no profile at all, we are aiming to create a community of editors who can help us spread the word about interesting and inspiring physiologists.

The event will focus on biographical articles of notable physiologists.

We will work on Wikipedia, but also sister projects including Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, Wikisource and others.

Participants will have access to resource material on a select group of physiologists; alternatively, if there is a biography of a notable physiologist or topic area you are keen to work on, please bring reference and source material relating to your subject choice.

Expertise will be available from our Wikimedian in Residence, Andy Mabbett.

The programme will also include talks to illustrate the benefits of interacting with Wikipedia, including an overview of an Editathon run at University of Edinburgh on the ‘Edinburgh Seven’, and a discussion around academic interactions with Wikipedia.

A light lunch, refreshments throughout the day, and Wi-Fi will be provided, but please bring a laptop.