The Funny Current Symposium Post-mortem

Recorded Wednesday 30 June 2010 (18 mins)

Did you miss The Funny Current symposium (Cellular & Integrative Neuroscience) at Physiology 2010? This symposium explored the functions of HCN ion channels found in various cells in our bodies. They’ve been found to play roles in many physiological processes such as cardiac rhymicity, sleep and learning and memory as well as pathophysiological processes such as pain and epilepsy. Hear what the symposium speakers had to say in this special post-mortem podcast.

  • Douglas Bayliss, University of Virginia
  • Martin Biel, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München
  • Peter McNaughton, University of Cambridge
  • Matthew Nolan, University of Edinburgh
  • Mala Shah, University of London