Navigation & Orientation Podcast

Recorded Friday 2 July 2010 (17 mins)

Speakers from The Journal of Physiology sponsored symposium 'Neural processes of orientation and navigation' met to discuss the research they were presenting later that day – basically, the neurology of how we get around and know where we are in any instant of time. They discussed the different sensory inputs our brain processes to help us this challenge, including touching on our topics like our sense of direction, spatial orientation, spatial hearing, sensory illusions, and our internal command system.

  • Richard Fitzpatrick, University of New South Wales (Australia)
  • Simon Gandevia, Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute (Australia)
  • David McAlpine, University College London
  • Rebecca St. George, Oregon Health & Sciences University (USA)
  • Jeffrey Taube, Dartmouth College (USA)

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