Policy Committee


To lead the Society’s policy work to sustain and enhance the environment for physiology in the UK.


Reporting to Council, the Committee is responsible for oversight and leadership of The Society’s policy work specifically:

  • identifying priorities and annual objectives, monitoring progress and reporting the outcomes to Council;
  • maintaining oversight of the annual budget and providing advice to Council on the allocation of appropriate resources;
  • coordinating The Society’s responses to consultations by UK and European Government and other external parties as appropriate;
  • pro-actively managing and researching key policy issues identified by the Policy Committee, including providing support for working groups and working with external organisations as appropriate;
  • developing a strategy to enhance the environment for the in vivo sciences, including supporting good practice and the application of the 3Rs;
  • sustaining and enhancing good working relationships with key external bodies including Government departments, parliamentary committees, Research and Funding Councils, charities and other societies in areas of common interest, and to develop and lead a strategy for collaboration to achieve the Society’s policy objectives;
  • supporting the Society’s press and media activities in relation to policy objectives; and
  • liaising with the Education & Outreach Committee to ensure a coordinated approach.