President's Lecture 2019

07 September 2019

The Royal Institution, London, United Kingdom

A great afternoon for all the family! Join us at our free talk by an astronaut, with hands-on activities to inspire children about space and physiology.

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The Physiological Society’s 2019 President’s Lecture will be delivered by NASA astronaut and physiologist James Pawelczyk. It will take place at the Royal Institution in London on Saturday 7 September 2019 from 13:00. 

What price a Martian: Human limits to exploring the red planet

A human trip to Martian orbit will be possible in the late 2020’s, followed by landing operations in the 2030-2040 timeframe.  As designed, the 30-month mission will expose humans to reduced loading; heavy, high-energy, ionizing radiation; confinement; and environmental conditions far outside Earth’s boundary conditions.  Are the physiological challenges survivable, and surmountable?  The answers to these questions will require the thoughtful translation of laboratory science to the extraterrestrial environment, and sound engineering and policy decisions to support these efforts.  Dr. Pawelczyk, a physiologist and former astronaut, will highlight knowledge gaps and opportunities for human biologists to help reach the most audacious destination humankind has ever contemplated.

James Pawelczyk

Following James' fascinating lecture there will be a range of exciting hands-on activities developed by space physiologists from across the country to inspire children about space physiology. Learn all about why studying physiology is important for space travel, how space travel has informed our understanding of human physiology and ultimately how this might help improve the quality of our life on Earth!

This is a great event for families and will be free to attend! Registration is now open via Eventbrite