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The Physiological Society has a membership of over 3000 scientists covering areas such as exercise performance, why we sweat, how vitamins affect our body, and the causes of obesity, cardiovascular and neurological diseases.
As well as a wealth of expertise within our membership, The Society also publishes the latest research developments in the field in its journals The Journal of Physiology and Experimental Physiology.

If you are looking for an expert on any aspect of physiology, information on one of our journals or The Society’s view on one of the policy areas we work in, please call 020 7269 5721 or email

Press releases

03 July 2015
Today marks the day when - 100 years ago - The Physiological Society formally admitted women as members.
24 March 2015
People suffering from cystic fibrosis have less ability to uptake and use oxygen in their muscles, which leads to exercise intolerance, a study published today in Experimental Physiology concluded.
24 March 2015
What challenges do we face as an ageing population? Can we cure ails of the elderly? Can a drug keep us forever young?