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The Physiological Society has a membership of over 3000 scientists covering areas such as exercise performance, why we sweat, how vitamins affect our body, and the causes of obesity, cardiovascular and neurological diseases.
As well as a wealth of expertise within our membership, The Society also publishes the latest research developments in the field in its journals The Journal of Physiology and Experimental Physiology.

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Press releases

14 October 2015
Elsie Moore, a 15 year-old student at The Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester, won The Physiological Society’s national ‘Women in Physiology’ school poster competition.
12 October 2015
Lack of oxygen during pregnancy combined with high salt intake in later life can damage vascular function in the offspring of mice, according to a study published today in The Journal of Physiology.
05 October 2015
The simple act of chewing triggers a state of arousal with a sudden increase in blood pressure, according to a study published today in Experimental Physiology.