Proceedings of The Physiological Society

University of Central Lancashire (2002) J Physiol 543P, S235


In vivo gene transfer demonstrates that endogenous eNOS activity in the nucleus tractus solitarii depresses the baroreceptor reflex in conscious rats

Hidefumi Waki*†, Sergey Kasparov*, David Murphy‡, Tsuyoshi Shimizu† and Julian F.R. Paton*

*Department of Physiology, School of Medical Sciences, University of Bristol, Bristol BS8 1TD, †Department of Physiology, Fukushima Medical University School of Medicine, Fukushima 960-1295, Japan and ‡University Research Centre for Neuroendocrinology, University of Bristol, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol BS2 8HW, UK

In a decerebrate rat model, the working heart

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