Proceedings of The Physiological Society

Europhysiology 2018 (London, UK) (2018) Proc Physiol Soc 41, PCB085

Poster Communications

On Philosophical Physiology in Context of Anthropology and Philosophy

M. C. Michailov1, E. Neu1, C. Martin-Gibault1, U. Welscher1, C. Luetge1,2, M. Schratz1,3, G. Weber1,4

1. Institute Umweltmedizin c/o ICSD/IAS e.V. POB 340316, 80100 M. (Int. Council Sci. Develop./Int. Acad. Sci. Berlin-Bratislava-Innsbruck-Muenchen-NewDelhi-Paris-Sofia-Vienna), Muenchen, Germany. 2. Techn. Univ. Muenchen, Inst. Ethics (Director), Muenchen, Germany. 3. Univ. Innsbruck, School Education (Dean), Innsbruck, Austria. 4. University Lxbg. & Vienna, Faculty Psychol. (Dean), Vienna, Austria.

INTRODUCTION: Central position of physiology (Nobel discipline) in biology, medicine, psychology, philosophy needs creation of philosophical physiology (independently from medical philosophy) incl. not only ethics, but also scientific-theoretical&aesthetic fundamentals. About relation of physiology to anthropology&philosophy is given information to phil. (1-3)&phys. congresses (4-5). CONCEPTION for Discussion: A. EPISTEMOLOGY. An integrative physiology needs enlarged fundamentals in normal&pathological physiology, psycho-neurology (e.g. p.-n.-immunomodulation). Physiological approaches to Chinese-Indian&other traditional medicine in education&research has to be discussed. Reconsideration of physiol. notions acc. to axiology-logic-semantic is recommendable. B. MORAL PHILOSOPHY. Independently from various modern ethical theories (deontology, utilitarism,etc.) has to be considered Kant's human obligations to himself-physiologists, other humans-patients, sub-human, e.g. reduction of animal experiments, suprahuman beings: moral limits about&applications of physiological practices for investigations of probands&patients in context of theology (Brahmanism-Buddhism/Christianism-Mosaism/Confucianism-Taoism/Mohammedanism). C. AESTHETICS. In relation to A-B interdisciplinary consideration is necessary to destine volume of paradigm-changes in physiology by clinical-physiological investigations leading to pathophysiological & psychopathological effects (primum non nocere). D. PSYCHOSOMATICS. Central philosophical question "What is the Human?"/KANT is since PLATON not answered: He distinguishes physiological and pragmatic anthropology. Human reflects by "pure apperception ... from physical determinations independently personality (homo noumenon) ..., different to ... (homo phenomenon)". Emperor AKIHITO honoured World Congr.Psychosom.Med. (ICPM-2005-Kobe) by strategical ideas: "total symptoms of mind&body, seeking ways of holistic care … it is extremely important for patients … my hope contributes … the progress of medical science and people's happiness in the entire world". CONCLUSION: Establishment of regular common congress-sessions of physiological (IUPS/FEPS etc.) with e.g. philosophical (FISP-ISB-EACME)/psychological (IUPsyS)/medical societies (ISIM-ICC-FIGO-SIU) could open new scientific&political dimension in bio-medical sciences, leading to humanization, higher efficacy & internationalization of science-medicine-ecology in context of UNO-Agenda21 for better health-education, etc. on global level.

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