Raising Awareness of Mental Health

We are keen to support the mental wellbeing of our Members and the wider scientific community, and to raise awareness of mental illness.

We are pleased to announce that we have funded access to some online resources that should help our Members identify potential signs of stress and mental ill-health in themselves and others. There is also guidance on how to provide a more supportive environment for others to avoid and mitigate stress.

Through this training we aim to positively impact our scientific community and encourage supportive and inclusive behaviour towards all, regardless of mental or physical disability.  

To gain access to a particular resource please email Chrissy Stokes (Head of Professional Development and Engagement) cstokes@physoc.org

Each resource has a limited number of credits, which we hope to share widely amongst our membership. Please read the longer descriptions of the courses (available on the course PDFs linked below) to help ensure that you are selecting the best one for you. Please note that the longer online courses also cover the content of the videos within the same section.

Resources Group 1 (available now):  Personal Well Being

Under Pressure – coping successfully with stress (e-learning)

Workplace stress is now a major cause of mental health problems and a huge cost for organisations. Devised by leading stress expert Professor Cary Cooper CBE, this course looks at some of the key triggers for stress and examines what we can do to support psychological wellbeing in the workplace.

Managing Stress – stress less (online video)

Being able to handle pressure and manage our stress levels are key skills in today’s fast-paced, high-pressure working environments. This short video looks at some of the common triggers for stress and provides some simple yet effective tools for safeguarding our mental health.

Resources Group 2 (to be released in June): Mental Health in the Workplace

Managing Stress – managing stress (online video)

Workplace stress one of the leading causes of mental ill health in the UK today. This bite-size video briefing shows how being able to manage stress effectively is key to supporting the well-being of both your staff and your business.

Mental health in the workplace – overview (e-learning)

Mental ill health is now the most common cause of workplace sickness absence in the UK, costing employers billions of pounds every year in reduced productivity, poor service and recruitment costs. This course looks at the impact of poor mental health at work and explains why ensuring staff mental well-being should be a top priority for organisations across all sectors.

Mental health in the workplace – good practice (e-learning)

Knowing how to support the good mental health of your staff is key to having a productive and happy workforce that delivers for your organisation. This e-learning course sets out good practice for employers in managing employees’ mental well-being.