Remuneration Committee

  • To approve on behalf of the Council of Trustees:
  1. The employment contracts, annual salary and remuneration review and any termination agreements for the Chief Executive, his immediate subordinates and other key staff. For information purposes the Committee will also receive details of the salaries of all staff. Whilst the Chief Executive is solely responsible for determining salaries at this level, the provision of such information could be required for due diligence purposes.
  2. Employment policy for all staff, including pay systems, pension schemes and any general arrangements for performance related pay.
  3. Annual salary budget changes.
  4. Subject to restrictions in the Governing Documents, fees and other remuneration to be paid to any Trustee for any services
  5. The Physiological Society (e.g. honoraria etc); such payments to be declared in The Society's annual accounts.
  6. Any offer of a non-executive directorship or other external appointment to the Chief Executive or other senior staff, whether remunerated or not.
  7. The annual Trustees Report for The Society’s Retirement Benefits Scheme.
  • To consider the Chief Executive’s recommendations on the treatment of material benefits associated with employment of any member of staff.
  • To report, via the Finance Committee, to the Council of Trustees. A formal report to be submitted annually for noting by the Trustees at the November Council Meeting. The content of these reports should be broadly based and provide information such as the nature of salary changes and not the salary details of individuals.
  • The committee shall consist of the President (Chair-person), the Deputy-President and the Treasurer. The Chief Executive, Director of Finance & Administration and HR manager will attend as required.
  • The committee has the authority of the board to have access to any information or employee of The Society in the course of undertaking its responsibilities and to obtain outside legal or other independent advice.
  • The committee will regularly review annually its terms of reference and its own effectiveness and report to Council.
  • The committee will normally meet once a year with the salary review to be concluded by 1 November.