Research funding and assessment

Research funding

A key policy goal for The Society is to try and ensure that physiology as a discipline receives the level of funding it requires to thrive. In a recent response to a Department of Business, Innovation and Skills call for views, The Society called for the current science budget ring fence to be maintained as a minimum. The Society also called upon the Government to introduce long term funding plans for the sector. To view the full response please click here

Update - Spending Round 2013

The Chancellor, George Osborne, announced in June 2013 that the ring fence for 'resource' component of the science budget will be maintained in 2015-16. He also announced that the 'capital' budget will be increased from £0.6 billion in 2012-13 to £1.1 billion in 2015-16, and it will grow in line with inflation until 2020-21.

The Physiological Society broadly welcomes the Government's recognition of the value of science to the UK, however we remained concerned what impact the continuing 'flat cash' resource budget settlement will have on the UK science base and will continue to call on the Government to look to increase funding for UK science.

Research Assessment

The Physiological Society has signed the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), which calls for new measures to assess the value of scientific research. The Declaration contains a number of recommendations for funding agencies, institutions, publishers and scientists on how research assessment could be improved.

 The recommendations have three core themes – 

 •the need to eliminate the use of journal-based metrics, such as Journal Impact Factors, in funding, appointment, and promotion considerations;

 •the need to assess research on its own merits rather than on the basis of the journal in which the research is published; and

 •the need to capitalize on the opportunities provided by online publication (such as relaxing unnecessary limits on the number of words, figures, and references in articles, and exploring new indicators of significance and impact).

 To view the list of signatories and for further information click here.