Research Grant Holders 2016

The Physiological Society's Research Grant Scheme has been running since 2012; it is intended to support physiologists in their first permanent academic position or returning to a permanent position after a career break. Funds of up to £10,000 are available to provide support for their research or to provide seed-funding to start a new project.

The recent, 2016 funding round saw the highest number of submissions with 10 applications selected for funding. We would like to congratulate the 10 awardees, listed below:

William Brackenbury, University of York; Recording sodium channel activity in primary breast cancer cells

Hannah Clarke, University of Cambridge; The role of the primate hippocampal perineuronal net in schizophrenia neurophysiology

Joseph Costello, University of Portsmouth; Eureka: Examining the effectiveness of treating obesity by activating brown adipose tissue with cool water immersion

Michael Daw, Univeristy of Edinburgh; The role of SAP102 in fast-spiking interneurons in the developing cortex

Darren Goffin, University of York; Neuronal oscillations in Rett syndrome

Javier Gonzalez, University of Bath; Can exercise in the fasted state unlock metabolic health benefits for overweight and obese individuals? 

Claire Hills, University of Lincoln; United we stand, divided we fall: Glucose, TGF-beta and connexin mediated cell-communication in the diabetic kidney

Katja Rietdorf, The Open University; Changes in signalling and ultrastructure in pulmonary vein sleeve cells in a sheep model of atrial fibrillation

Thomas Solomon, University of Birmingham; How does hyperglycaemia blunt the beneficial adaptation to exercise?

Sakthivel Vaiyapuri, University of Reading; Physiological roles of G protein-coupled receptor 55 (GPR55) in the regulation of platelet function

Benjamin Wall, Univeristy of Exeter; Defining the role of skeletal muscle amino acid uptake in ageing and insulin resistance related muscle loss