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This page gives an outline of the upcoming and recent public engagement activities run by The Society. This page will be regularly updated as we develop our outreach activities for 2014.  For activities run by our Members through our Outreach grant scheme and our Public Engagement grant projects, please see Funded Activities. 

2014: Understanding Obesity

For The Physiological Society, 2014 will be the Year of Understanding Obesity. Our first themed year will enable us to celebrate the advances that have been made in the basic and clinical understanding of this worldwide epidemic. As part of this theme, we will be focusing our outreach and public engagement efforts on communicating the science behind Obesity; The Society believes this is especially important given the media fascination with celebrity weight.

If you are interested in volunteering with of the events listed below please contact our outreach officer, Anisha Tailor.

Upcoming Events

The Hungry Games

What’s making me so hungry? How much energy do we use in our daily life? Is Arnold Schwarzenegger obese? What’s Beyoncé’s BMI? The Physiological Society will answer all these questions and more with three interactive activities exploring food, exercise and obesity.

With our team of scientists, examine the gut-brain communication pathways which control your appetite and label the route of hunger hormones through the bloodstream on our digestive tract models.

Have a closer look at the Body Mass Index, the measure which is often used to determine what’s healthy and what’s not: we’ll examine how reliable it is with a little help from a giant pack of celebrity cards.  Contestants will be challenged to get to the end of a row of our BMI playing cards by predicting if the next celebrity BMI will be higher or lower. Can you make it to the end of the row and win a prize?

How much exercise do you pack into your day?  Balance the scales by matching the energy from different everyday activities with the energy provided by your meals and snacks and get a better understanding of energy intake and output.

Dates and Locations 

The Big Bang Fair, March 13-16, Birmingham NEC

Discovery Zone, Cheltenham Science Festival, June 4-5

Separating the Fat from the FictionEdinburgh International Science Festival 

Join BBC Scotland’s Health Correspondent Eleanor Bradford as she Chairs The Physiological Society’s interactive debate on obesity. With a panel of experts, take a look at this complex subject from a range of perspectives. You may have already watched the ‘obesity epidemic’ unfold through the eyes of the media, but now hear the facts: find out how your gut and brain interact, what your genes have to do with your body shape, and discuss the role of food choice and exercise in determining your body composition.

Sponsored by The Physiological Society and the Biochemical Society 

In collaboration with Imperial College London, Heriot Watt University, University of Stirling, University of Essex, University of Aberdeen and The Nutrition Society. 

Dates and Locations 

April 5th, 5.30- 7pm, The National Museum of Scotland

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You might think that being overweight means that you’re unhealthy - but does being skinny really mean you have nothing to worry about? What are the real risks and should we rely purely on your body mass index? Phsyiologists Janice Thompson, Jimmy Bell and Jason Gill explore the issues surrounding this complex issue, asking: what size is healthy?

Dates and Locations 

Pilla Room, 5.15-6.16pm


Find out about some of the our future and past grant-funded events here 

The Society has been working with other organisations to develop a public programme of outreach events for our themed year of ' Understanding Obesity: