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This page gives an outline of recent outreach and public engagement activities supported by our grants schemes. To keep up-to-date on our events and activities, please visit our Public events page, for further information on our funding categories, and how to apply please see our Grants page. 

Along with our Outreach Grants and Public Engagment Grants we provide ongoing funding for the Mobile Teaching Unit, and have sponsered physiology themed museum exhibitions and events around the country.

2014 Public Engagement Grants

Frederic Kastner – FUSE School
‘Physiology for All is a joint work by The Physiological Society and the Fuse School - to make a core curriculum of fundamental knowledge in Animal Physiology available for free, to everyone. Find an exciting series of 20 animated videos to learn all the fundamentals about animal & human physiology. You can use it for autonomous learning and exploration. As a teacher, you can apply the resources in the flipped classroom model. The best thing: all of this is entirely free, to you and everybody else. Go on now, explore Physiology for All!

Janice Thompson – Obesity Wars: fitness vs fatness
Obesity Wars: Fitness versus Fatness is an exciting, interactive event showcasing measures of fatness and fitness, illustrating the importance of fitness in promoting health and wellbeing, and highlighting the public's views on obesity and their motivation to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Iona Beange – Scotland’s Food Science Technology Roadshow
Find out more about the food you eat with 'Scotland’s Food Science Technology Roadshow' featuring current food and drink research from Heriot Watt University.  From Food in Drink Fairs to a Scoffing Science Photo Competition, the roadshow offers an opportunity for everyone to get involved.  Join us at Orkney Science Festival (Sep), Midlothian Science Festival (Oct), or Dundee Science Festival (Nov) or seek us out at the Physiological Society Topic Meeting on Obesity in Newcastle (Sep). And look out for our interactive ‘Science on a beer mat’ – can you complete our food based challenges? Who said you shouldn't play with your food!

David Sharp – Networks in the brain: mapping connections and measuring damage
Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 30th June-7th July
The Traumatic Brain Injury Research Group at Imperial College will be presenting an exhibit at the upcoming Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 30th June-7th July. Their stand, 'Networks in the brain: mapping connections and measuring damage' will consist of three practical demonstrations/games to show how head injuries produce problems with cognitive functions such as attention and memory by 'disconnecting' the normal communication between brain regions. It will be possible to view a 3D high resolution video of the wiring of the brain with a commentary from a neuroscientist, play a retro 'EEG-Pong' game using your brain waves and test how good your memory, attention and mental agility are. This event is free, is open to anyone and runs for 7 full days.

Rosie Schultz – I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here!
I’m a Scientist is an award-winning science engagement event that gets scientists and school students talking. The event takes place over 2 weeks online at It consists of 5 scientists writing profiles, being questioned, taking part in live chats and facing eviction based on the votes of up to 400 students. At the end of the two weeks the winner receives a £500 cheque to spend on further science communication.

The Physiological Society are funding an Obesity Zone in I'm a Scientist, getting students and scientists talking about the causes of obesity, the health effects of obesity on the body, and ultimately the effects obesity has on society.

Elizabeth Granger – The Cell Craft Challenge
The Cell Craft Challenge will run as part of the Lancashire Science Festival 2014. We are inviting visitors to help us complete a number of challenges, which combine scientific imagery, physiological facts and hands-on  creative fun. This will include using a range of media to produce models of various cells and displaying these to create our 'Cell Wall' We also plan to knit major organs, blood vessels and muscles to display within a skeleton model. These activities will be used as starting points for discussions around the physiology of the human body and the beauty and diversity of our cells

Grace Kimble – RVC Lates 2014 – 2015
RVC Lates sees the Royal Veterinary College open up our Camden Campus free to members of the public, providing a unique opportunity to discover news from the latest science research projects. We'll have activities to try out and events to attend so that you can see behind the scenes at this world leading veterinary institution. You can learn about medical advancements in the pipeline for animals and the implications for human health. New for 2014, there will be an early evening session for accompanied under 18s to find out more about how physiology works.

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