Travel grant recipients

Acknowledging The Society 

To enable members to advance their career, present their research and attend practical workshops, travel grants are awarded to eligible Members, Affiliates and Undergraduates. 

Members, who receive funding, are required to acknowledge this support by promoting The Society as part of their attendance, in the following ways:

  • Written communications – Society logo to be included on posters
  • Oral communications – logo to be included as part of presentation

Doing so will help raise awareness of The Society, its activities, and the support it provides for members.

Find out more and apply for a travel grant 

Submit content for our news channels 

Any member who wishes to promote their meeting attendance, made possible by receiving a travel grant, can provide content for The Society’s new channels:

  • Picture – send us a picture of you by your poster/presenting communication
  • Written accounts – provide a short summary of the conference/visit and the benefit you gained from attending
  • Be one of our bloggers – provide more in-depth write ups of your presentations and meeting attendance to be added to our online blog 

Items submitted will be used, where suitable, as part of The Society’s news and promotional activity to raise awareness of member benefits and Travel Grants. 

Providing details and benefits of attending meetings will help us encourage other members to attend similar events to help their networking and career advancement. 

Any pictures or content can be submitted via email to 

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