Undergraduate Vacation Studentship Scheme

Vacation Studentships offer undergraduates the opportunity to undertake a research project on an area of physiology over their summer break. Working under an academic supervisor, they can get to experience day-to-day life in the laboratory first-hand. Funding of £150 a week, to cover living costs, is on offer for up to eight weeks.

Project supervisors must be Ordinary Members of The Society.

The 2014 application process is now closed.

The small print

Vacation Studentships cover maintenance costs and do not cover consumables or research expenses. Students should have completed at least two years' full-time study in a higher education institute (or equivalent), of a degree that incorporates an element of physiology. Supervisors should be Ordinary Members of The Society and can apply to supervise one student per year. Each institution can submit a maximum of four applications. If we receive more than 4 applications from an institution, we will ask The Society Representative to rank the nominations, with the top 4 being put forward for review.

Applications will be assessed on the academic performance of the student, the value of the project to the student (those with little or no lab experience will be given priority) and the physiological content of the project. A clear outline of how applications are assessed can be downloaded below.

Supervisors of Vacation Studentship Awardees will be responsible for the student and be actively engaged in their day to day supervision.

The student is responsible for notifying The Physiological Society if any significant changes should occur either before or during the tenure of the grant award. Funds must be used for the expressed purposes as indicated on the original application and that any surplus funds must be returned to The Physiological Society.

Following successful completion of a Vacation Studentship, students and supervisors will be asked to complete an online report form by 1 October. Please note that you may need to refer to The Society's abstract submission guidelines, which can be downloaded below. In addition to these guidelines, we ask that you clearly explain all abbreviations used in the text of your abstract.

To apply for a Vacation Studentship

To apply, all you need to do is complete an application form with your supervisor and submit it by 31 January 2014. If more than four applications are received from your institution, we will ask the Society Rep to select the top four, which will go forward for review. Successful applicants will be informed by 12 March 2014 and will be asked to complete and return a confirmation form by 30 April 2014.

Once the studentship has taken place, students will be required to complete an online form to report on the work they completed and provide feedback on their experience, by 1 October 2014.

The Physiological Society is committed to the principles of diversity, equality and inclusion, and thereby welcomes applications from individuals of all backgrounds.

If you need any more information or guidance, please contact edufunding@physoc.org