What do Society Reps do?

The Society thoroughly appreciates the work done by our representatives, and we want to do all we can to assist them, and help universities benefit from their work. The following lists the type of activities a Society Representative should carry out as part of their role. There are links to resources to help with these activities at the bottom of the page.

The Society is happy for Representatives to share and delegate responsibilities – the more champions we have for The Society the better – we simply ask that Reps co-ordinate these efforts.

Promote membership

The main role of a Society Representative is to promote membership and awareness of The Society to colleagues within the university. In particular, we encourage Reps to promote the Undergraduate membership category to students studying for a degree in physiology or a related subject. The Society recognises the importance of supporting and encouraging undergraduates with an interest in physiology. Undergraduates can join as individual members and we encourage them to set up an undergraduate society.

For more information on the Undergraduate membership category, please visit the Undergraduate page. Any application for undergraduate membership should come directly from the student (a co-ordinating student should be nominated for undergraduate societies). We ask that you provide encouragement and guidance, where necessary.

Co-ordinate the Departmental Seminar Scheme (DSS)

The DSS provides funding to help support travel and accommodation costs associated with attracting visiting speakers to physiology departments based in the UK or Republic of Ireland. Society Representatives should co-ordinate applications for this scheme and ensure timely submission. They should also ensure that the seminar series is advertised appropriately, with The Society logo incorporated according to our guidelines. Following the seimar, the Representative should return a list of attendees, along with a short review, to the Membership Engagement Manager so the scheme can be highlighted through The Society's news channels.

Institutions applying for this scheme must have a total of more than 12 Members (Affiliate and Full Members). If your institution does not have 12 Members but you wish to run a seminar series, please contact membership@physoc.org

Promote the Vacation Studentship Scheme

Vacation Studentships offer undergraduate students who have completed at least 2 years of full-time study, in a higher education institute or equivalent, the opportunity to undertake physiological research projects.

Society Representatives should promote this scheme amongst students and colleagues, and will be asked to advise The Society on the applications from their university following the deadline of 1 April.

Nominate a student for the Undergraduate Prize for Physiology

Society Representative should liaise with colleagues to nominate a final year student for the Undergraduate Prize in Physiology. We award the Prize to either:

  • The best BSc Honours physiology research project
  • An outstanding BSc student who has performed consistently well throughout their physiology degree course.

Only degree courses and projects with a strong physiological element will be considered eligible for the Prize.

Successful students will be awarded a prize of £100, along with a certificate of achievement.

To be eligible to receive an award, students must have completed at least two years' full time study in a higher education institute or equivalent. Students must be completing a degree in physiology or a related subject. If the student is being nominated for their research project, this must be of good quality and of a physiological nature. Evidence and/or confirmation of marks gained will be considered.

Please note that only one award will be made per university.

To submit an application, please click here.

Applications will be reviewed monthly, e.g. all applications received in May will be reviewed in early June.

Encourage public engagement

Society Reps should encourage and enable Members to take part in public engagement and outreach activities, by identifying and promoting opportunities for these activities in collaboration with The Society’s Outreach Officer.

We also ask Society Reps to promote the Outreach grants and Public Engagement grants schemes.

Provide feedback

Finally, we ask our representatives to provide us with feedback from within their university. Is the website user-friendly? Is the departmental seminar scheme application process too complicated? How can we help you take part in public engagement? Negative and positive feedback is welcome.

We also ask that Society Reps send us formal feedback at the end of each academic year, so we can read about how their work has benefitted the Society and fulfilled the roles of the Society Representative.

Arranging a visit from The Society

If you think it would be useful to arrange for one of the Member Services Team to visit your organisation and talk to your colleagues about The Society and its membership, then please email membership@physoc.org. We are particularly interested in arranging visits to those universities that have low membership numbers, or those wishing to set up an undergraduate society.

Funding opportunities for Society Reps

To help Society Representatives promote The Society we offer ring-fenced funds of up to £500 per institution.
To apply for funding, please submit an application to outreach@physoc.org which includes the following:

  • A summary (max 500 words) of how the funding would help promote The Society at their institution
  • Breakdown of requested costs
  • Endorsement from Society Representative
  • Details of any other Members of The Society who will be supporting the application

The small print:

  • All funds must be used within six months of the award
  • Receipts must be submitted by 30 April, together with a brief report (no more than 500 words)
  • Funds cannot be used to support staff costs
  • Only one application can be submitted per university or institution

If you are a Society Rep and need help with making an application, please contact outreach@physoc.org.