Who we are

The key personnel and committees involved in the running of The Society can be found in this section. Logged-in Members can access details of those sitting on Society committees and, via the Member Portal, a directory of staff members. See also Past Officers of The Physiological Society.

Council of Trustees

Our Trustees are legally responsible for the overall governance, management and policy, ensuring that the charitable objectives for which it has been set up are met. The Trustees are also the Directors of The Society. The Council of Trustees meets around four times a year. Elections to the Council take place each year, and any Member is eligible to stand. Trustees are elected to serve for a period of four years. The current size of the Council is 17. Meetings of the Council are chaired by the President.


The Council also has committees to which it delegates powers, and these groups report back to the Council. Membership of these committees is drawn from the Council but can also include other invited members. The main charitable committees are Education & Outreach, Membership & Grants, Meetings, Publications and Policy & Communications. Governance committees include Finance, Remuneration and Nominations. You can learn more about our committee structure via our organogram and committee remits.

Management and administration

The Trustees employ a Chief Executive who reports on the performance against the strategic and operational plans approved by the Trustees. Administrative support is provided to the Council and its committees by our staff in the London office.