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Early Career Networking Event

On Thursday 9 June, The Physiological Society hosted an early career networking event to support Affiliates wishing to meet each other and senior members of The Society. The event also included a series of talks providing an insight into some key skills such as public engagement and networking.

Early Career Networking Event

Late breaking abstracts

Late breaking abstracts will be included in the programme book but will NOT form part of the final online published proceedings.

Abstract submission is open until Friday 8 July.

Please email or telephone 02072695710 if you are experiencing any difficulties with submission.

H3 Symposium - Gene Editing and Gene Regulation with CRISPR

Registration is now open

The programme will include talks on CRISPR, but also  showing the utility of techniques such as ZFNs and Talens. As well as editing, the use of these techniques to regulate gene expression will be explored both in the context of studying normal physiology and the mechanisms of disease. The use of the techniques  in engineering cells and animals will be explored, as will techniques to deliver edited reagents and edited cells in vivo.

H3 Symposium - Gene Editing and Gene Regulation with CRISPR

First International Conference on Zika Virus

The scientific program of this pioneering conference has been designed to provide an up to date introduction to the Zika virus from a medical and geographical point of view. 

The main goal of the planned conference is to gather experts on several facets of the current epidemic of Zika virus. 

The Conference will allow a fruitful interaction between public health professionals, epidemiologists, virologists, entomologists, physicians and representatives of institutions involved in diagnostics, vaccines and vector control.


EMBO | EMBL Symposium: From Single- to Multiomics: Applications and Challenges in Data Integration

The current speed at which novel high-throughput technologies are developed and large-scale biological data are produced offers tremendous opportunities for enhancing our molecular understanding of biological systems.


EMBO | EMBL Symposium: Seeing is Believing - Imaging the Processes of Life

The processes of life are naturally dynamic in space and time from the atomic to the organismal level. The rapid development of imaging methods across this full scale of biological organisation is revolutionising our ability to visualise the inner workings of proteins, protein complexes, organelles, cells, tissues, organs and whole organisms.


David Jordan Teaching Grants 2016

The deadline for applications is 31 August 2016.

We aim to inform applicants of the outcome of their application by November 2016. Grants will be allocated to commence in January 2017. 

Applications will be reviewed by experienced members of the Teaching Community and funding decisions taken by the Education and Outreach Committee.

Vacancies for Education and Teaching Theme Leads

There are vacanies available for Co-Leads of the Education and Teaching Theme. With usually 2 leads guiding the activities of the Theme, these individuals will play a key role in supporting The Society's Higher Education activities, providing an opportunity to make a positive contribution and build your own profile within the teaching community. 

The Cardiac Autonomic Nervous System: Cellular Mechanisms to Human Translation


The cardiac autonomic nervous system: Cellular mechanisms to human translation

Innovate and Educate with Lt: A Hands-On Session

ADI education day

An educational event for physiologists, life science, nursing and medical educators with an interest in innovative technology to enhance the student experience.

Innovate and Educate with Lt: A Hands-On Session
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