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Early Career Networking Event

On Thursday 9 June, The Physiological Society hosted an early career networking event to support Affiliates wishing to meet each other and senior members of The Society. The event also included a series of talks providing an insight into some key skills such as public engagement and networking.

Early Career Networking Event

Longevity and human health may be linked to a muscle cell enzyme

24 June 2016 Exercise and fasting do not change the location of a key enzyme involved in energy production, a study in Experimental Physiology found.

Veterinary Vaccine Conference 2017

With the animal vaccines market predicted to be worth $8.6 billion by 2018, can you really afford not to be a core service provider for these manufacturers?


An increased focus on zoonotic infectious diseases and more attention towards the economic impact of disease in livestock of economic importance, make it clear why veterinary vaccines are coming into the limelight. This event will provide a platform for you to showcase how you are moving veterinary vaccine development methods forward, from technology to regulation and manufacture.



Influenza and Respiratory Vaccine Conference

This event will tackle the latest issues affecting vaccines for respiratory diseases including influenza, TB, RSV and MERS to stimulate the industry to develop more effective vaccines.


Ensure you use this event to make people aware of your expertise around key topics such as universal and seasonal flu, maternal immunization and pandemic preparedness.



Late breaking abstracts

Late breaking abstracts will be included in the programme book but will NOT form part of the final online published proceedings.

Abstract submission is open until Friday 8 July.

Please email or telephone 02072695710 if you are experiencing any difficulties with submission.


The ECCO2017 programme is built around four key pillars:

PILLAR 1: Multidisciplinarity

PILLAR 2: Outcome Research

PILLAR 3: Health Economics of Cancer Care

PILLAR 4: Organisation of Cancer Care Delivery


Why Join?

- ECCO2017 is the only truly multidisciplinary oncology Congress in Europe.

- You will learn about the most recent developments in monodisciplines from a multidisciplinary perspective and you will find out how these developments impact your clinical practice.


H3 Symposium - Gene Editing and Gene Regulation with CRISPR

Registration is now open

The programme will include talks on CRISPR, but also  showing the utility of techniques such as ZFNs and Talens. As well as editing, the use of these techniques to regulate gene expression will be explored both in the context of studying normal physiology and the mechanisms of disease. The use of the techniques  in engineering cells and animals will be explored, as will techniques to deliver edited reagents and edited cells in vivo.

H3 Symposium - Gene Editing and Gene Regulation with CRISPR

The Cardiac Autonomic Nervous System: Cellular Mechanisms to Human Translation


The cardiac autonomic nervous system: Cellular mechanisms to human translation

ISA 2017 - 5th Munich International Summer Academy of Practical Dermatology

The 5th gathering of international experts and colleagues is planned for July 2017 and we extend this invitation to you to join us in Munich. ISA 2017 will once again present a unique and exciting platform where different cultures with a variety of approaches to skin diseases, varying access to and availability of treatment protocols, products and equipment will meet, learn and exchange. Emphasis is placed on the practical treatment of skin diseases, important in daily practice.



Innovate and Educate with Lt: A Hands-On Session

ADI education day

An educational event for physiologists, life science, nursing and medical educators with an interest in innovative technology to enhance the student experience.

Innovate and Educate with Lt: A Hands-On Session
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