• 03 Dec 2019
  • University of Manchester Innovation Centre, Manchester, UK

Neuroscience of Energy Balance 2019

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NEB2019 is a one-day symposium focused on Neuroscience of Energy Balance. The symposium is designed to provide Early Career Researchers with an opportunity to meet other ECRs in this field, and both present and discuss their work with their peers. NEB2019 is being organised by ECRs based at the University of Manchester, as the Young Life Scientists’ Symposium. This is an annual symposium, supported by the Biochemical Society, British Pharmacological Society and The Physiological Society, to provide ECRs with a platform to showcase their research.


As a relatively underappreciated field, this dedicated platform is a rare opportunity for ECRs in to network with, and present their work to, their colleagues from around the country. The symposium is targeted at all students, postdocs and technicians working on neurocircuitry involved in energy balance: feeding, glucose regulation, nutrient sensing, energy expenditure, gut-brain axis…



Registration for NEB2019 is now open, along with the submission portal for abstracts. Both attendance and abstract submission are free, with everyone wishing to attend encouraged to submit an abstract.

Please register via the NEB2019 website.



Registration and abstract submission are two separate steps, please ensure that you complete both! You will receive confirmation that you have registered via Eventbrite, and a separate confirmation email once your abstract has been successfully submitted.

Please submit your completed abstract on the NEB2019 website.

Abstract guidelines

  • Abstracts should contain a maximum of 300 words (excluding title, authors and affiliations)
  • Please include all author details (names and affiliations). The attendee should be first author.
  • The format for abstracts is flexible: feel free to include headings/subsections as you desire
  • Please include as much detail as possible (NB there is no obligation to include complete datasets/numbers in abstracts: the aim of the symposium is to facilitate discussion with peers. We look forward to hearing about your projects, regardless of how complete they are!)
  • Please read ‘Abstract Disclosure Statement’ on the NEB2019 website before submitting your abstract



Key information

When and where is the symposium?

This one-day event will take place on Tuesday 3 December 2019. The venue is the University of Manchester Innovation Centre, in the middle of the University campus (more information on the venue and travel can be found here). The symposium will begin at 10:00 and finish at 17:30. We appreciate that those travelling from further afield may struggle to arrive for this time, so we would invite all attendees to arrive on Monday 2 December 2019 to join the Luckman lab for a welcome reception and networking event in the evening (more information will be available here soon).

Who is this symposium for?

The Young Life Scientists’ Symposium is organised by Early Career Researchers for Early Career Researchers (ECRs). All ECRs are welcome to attend: whether you are a student, postdoc or technician, we hope you will come to join us in Manchester to discuss some of the best research currently being undertaken in the UK. This is a rare opportunity to discuss your work in an environment entirely composed of ECRs working on Neuroscience of Energy Balance, enabling networking opportunities and in-depth discussion.

What is the format of NEB2019?

All attendees will be able to submit an abstract and present a poster. Furthermore, 8 delegates will be selected, from submitted abstracts, to give 10-minute talks on their work. Also, during the day, there will be three talks from invited speakers specialising in different aspects of Neuroscience of Energy Balance (to be revealed soon). During the symposium, there will also be a careers event taking place, providing an opportunity to speak to experts from a range of careers. More information on the exact format of the careers event will be available soon.

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