Free books!

The Society is disposing of several books and items from the shelves at Hodgkin Huxley House. Any Member who would like anything from the list below, free of charge, should email Andrew Morley, History and Archives Project Manager, 

old books

Title/Author/Year of Publication/Publisher 

A short history of the Physiological Society 1926-1976 Bynum WF 1976 Reprint: J Physiol. 1976 Dec;263(1):23-72. Paperback

Women physiologists. Centenary celebrations and beyond Wray S, Tansey T 2015 The Physiological Society Paperback

Women Physiologists Bindman L, Brading A, Tansey T (eds) 1993 Portland Press Paperback

Grey Book 1990-1992 1991 The Physiological Society Paperback

History of the Physiological Society during its first fifty years 1876-1926 Sharpey-Schafer E 1927 Cambridge University Press (1993 reprint) Paperback

A brief biography of Professor Sydney Ringer Miller D 2014 The Physiological Society Pamphlet

Acid-base balance Hainsworth R (ed) 1986 Manchester University Press Paperback

Cerebral blood flow and metabolism Harper A Murray, Jennett S (eds) 1990 Manchester University Press Paperback

Lives in the balance. The ethics of using animals in biomedical research Smith JA, Boyd KM (eds) 1991 Oxford University Press Hardback

The animal issue. Moral theory in practice Carruthers P 1992 Cambridge University Press Hardback

Animals in research. Make up your own mind The Physiological Society DVD

Animals and alternatives in toxicology. Present status and future prospects Balls M, Bridges J, Southee J (eds)1991 Macmillan Press Hardback

Readings in developmental neurobiology Patterson PH, Purves D (eds) 1982 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Paperback

Pathophysiology of the gut and airways. An introduction Andrew P, Widdicombe J (eds) 1993 Portland Press Paperback

Apraxia. The cognitive side of motor control Goldenberg G 2013 Oxford University Press Hardback

Portrait of a Foundation. A brief history of the Ciba foundation and its environment Lee K, Spufford NG 1993 Ciba Foundation Paperback

Oxford companion to the mind Gregory RL (ed) 1987 Oxford University Press Hardback

Membrane transport and metabolism Kleinzeller A, Kotyk A 1960 Academic Press Hardback

Electric current flow in excitable cells Jack JJB, Noble D, Tsien RW 1975 Oxford University Press Hardback