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14 February 2013
The Society will be hosting an event at the Edinburgh International Science Festival on 6 April, exploring the physiology of high altitude.
06 February 2013
We are delighted to announce the 42 winners of the Undergraduate Prize for Physiology in 2012.
08 January 2013
Totally digital format launched to maximise impact and utility for Society journal
02 January 2013
Carol Robinson has been given recognition for her Services to Science and Industry.
20 December 2012
As The Society settles into its new home, we are excited to be building our library of publications, but we have some gaps that you may be able to help us fill!
18 October 2012
As part of the first Biology Week, 19 October is Physiology Friday. Events are happening across the country and the winner of our writing prize will be announced.
18 October 2012
We are delighted to announce the winner of our 'Physiology Friday' writing competition, which invited under-19s to answer: 'What do you think is the holy grail of human biology research?'
02 October 2012
Give your support to the online science action network established recently by Understanding Animal Research
02 October 2012
Metabolism & Endocrinology Themed Meeting - Brown adipose tissue: a new human organ?
20 September 2012
The latest issue of our Members' magazine is now online