Outreach grants application form

Please ensure you have read the remit of The Society's Outreach grant scheme before submitting your application

  • Applications should be submitted by 11:59pm on the stated deadlines.
    Funds received through this grant scheme must only be used for the purpose outlined in the application.
    The Society must be acknowledged in all promotional material, websites and at the event itself, and logo usage must be signed off by the office.
    Grants must be claimed within six months of the award and reporting (described below) must be completed within twelve months of the award.
  • For grants of >£500:
    Submit an abstract for presentation at the main meeting detailing the outcomes of your project. Please budget for travel expenses for this within your application.
    Submit a breakdown of how funds were spent to the Engagement and Impact Officer.
    Complete a case study or report for The Society's marketing team, if requested.
    For grants of <£500
    Complete a 100 word summary to illustrate how you have met The Society's aims and a brief summary of how the funds were spent. Both of these should then be submitted to the Engagement and Impact Officer.
    Unspent funds must be returned to The Society.
    If you do not comply with the terms and conditions set out here, or if the grant is not used for the purpose with which it is given, the funds will be repayable at The Society's discretion.
  • Your data will be processed in accordance with our Fair Processing Notice.

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