R Jean Banister Prize Lecture: Nathalie Rochefort of The University of Edinburgh

25 October 2018

University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom

About the R Jean Banister prize lecture:

This is one of The Society’s prestigious prize lectures and was established in 2016 in memory of Professor (Rachel) Jean Banister (1917-2013). It is an annual series of peripatetic lectures given by an early career scientist on any physiological topic.

2018 Lecture Overview:

Decoding the visual cortex

Brain functions such as sensations and thoughts depend on the coordinated activity of neuronal networks in precise spatial and temporal sequences. Using the mouse visual system as an experimental model, this lecture will discuss the mechanisms by which neuronal circuits process visual information in the primary visual cortex. The recent development of both genetic and imaging tools offers an unprecedented opportunity to investigate how interactions among distinct neuron types contribute to visual perception. The lecture will present these methods and will highlight how visual cortical circuits integrate visual information with other contextual information, such as the internal state of the animal and the previous experience associated with visual stimuli. 


Dr Nathalie Rochefort



Dr Nathalie Rochefort
Sir Henry Dale Fellow, Chancellor's fellow
Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, University of Edinburgh