2018 grant holders

The Physiological Society’s Research Grants scheme has been running since 2012.

In 2018 nine applications were selected for funding. We would like to congratulate the awardees, listed below:

Scott Bowen, University of Leeds; Establishing an experimental model of diabetic heart failure with a skeletal muscle myopathy.

Mike Stembridge, Cardiff Metropolitan University; Mechanisms of increased sympathetic activity in acute and chronic hypoxia; potential role for the pulmonary vascular baroreceptors.

Ioannis Delis, University of Leeds; Neural and behavioural mechanisms of active multisensory decision making.

Federico Formenti, King’s College London;Intra-breath arterial oxygen oscillations as a measure of impaired regional pulmonary perfusion in an animal model of acute lung injury.

Christopher Gaffney, Lancaster University; Determining the minimal amount of acute exercise to increase glycaemic control in young and old overweight males.

Adora Yau, Manchester Metropolitan University; Implications of fasted cycling exercise on metabolic responses, gastrointestinal function, and appetite, in overweight individuals.

Sarah Chapple, King’s College London; Does Sulforaphane attenuate metabolic syndrome following obese pregnancy?

Alun Hughes, Liverpool John Moores Univeristy; Running out of time: Exercise, skeletal muscle and the circadian system.

Dean Hammond, University of Liverpool; Using stable isotope dynamic labelling of secretomes to advance the knowledge of myofibroblast heterogeneity in gut microenvironmental niches.

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