Summer studentship report form

Summer studentship report

  • Students who have been awarded a Summer Studentship are required to complete a report at the end of the project, summarising their findings and providing feedback about their experience.

    The form below should be completed by the student but agreed by the supervisor before submission. The deadline for reports is 1 October 2019.

  • Personal details

  • We would like to be able to contact you in a couple of years to see how you are getting on, and how your studentship has influenced your career choices. To enable us to do this, please provide a second email address.
  • Your project

  • We would like to find out a little more about the project you completed.
  • Please work with your supervisor to provide a lay summary of your key findings, aimed at a non-specialist audience, using no wore than 250 words. You may find these tips on writing a good lay summary helpful.
  • Please work with your supervisor to provide an abstract summarising the research undertaken during your Summer Studentship, using the guidelines set out by The Physiological Society. Please note the maximum length of 3000 characters.
  • The Training Day

  • Your experience

  • Please tell us a little bit about how you found the project.
  • Your data will be processed in accordance with our Fair Processing Notice.

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