David Menassa

Research Fellow, University of Southampton

I am a research fellow at the University of Southampton and a stipendiary lecturer in neurophysiology and neuroscience at the Queen’s College, University of Oxford. My line of research investigates the role of specific brain immunocompetent cells known as microglia in shaping the neurodevelopmental landscape in the human and more importantly, whether/how these cells contribute to pathology in neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disability. I was appointed as theme lead of neuroscience in the autumn of 2018. I wanted to get involved in helping develop topic meetings that would allow cross-over between various fields to support neurophysiological research, hence why I applied to become theme lead. Another reason was that I wanted to reach out to other members under my theme as well as funders and the public by writing short pieces on topical issues in neuroscience. There are various platforms within the Physiological Society that have allowed me to do this on a relatively regular basis which is great.

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