Morag Mansley

Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen

Having joined The Physiological Society during the first year of my PhD (almost 12 years ago!), I was fortunate enough to attend the Main Meeting alongside my supervisor Prof. Stuart Wilson. This was such a fantastic meeting and I was introduced to the very welcoming Epithelia and Membrane Transport theme where I listened with great enthusiasm to the latest research into ion channel and transporter activity within the various epithelial tissues of the body. I have attended the Main Meeting nearly every year since then and the EMT theme has become a very important community and part of my research life. From the many scientific discussions over a coffee (or a glass of wine!), the exciting collaborations that have developed, to the lifelong friendships I have made. I was delighted to take on the role of Theme Lead for EMT as I am enthusiastic to maintain this fantastic community that I was welcomed into more than a decade ago and promote it to our next generation of EMT scientists.

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