Nicholas Freestone

Associate Professor, Kingston University

I am an Associate Professor at Kingston University and have long had an interest in the pedagogical aspects of my academic practice. Consequently, I took tentative steps into this world by joining with like-minded colleagues in various friendly and collaborative groupings. One of these was the Education and Teaching Theme group of the Physiological Society. As I tangibly benefitted from this grouping, in terms of improving my practice, finding support networks and having exposure to current best practice, I felt quite strongly that this group should seek wherever possible to expand its hugely supportive influence. Consequently I put myself forward to become an Education and Teaching Theme Lead; not least so that colleagues from the post-1992 sector felt that they too were represented by the prestigious learned society that is the Physiological Society.

Since becoming a Theme Lead I have gained enormously from exposure to the best practices in the learning and teaching milieu in the UK and further afield and have striven to raise the profile of learning and teaching as a pathway for career progression and promotion.  The best thing about being a Theme Lead is the help and support one can provide to others in their day to day practice and serving as a guide in the often bewildering and foreign world of pedagogy for those interested in examining more closely the learning and teaching parts of their academic lives.

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