Neuroscience - NE

The NE Theme is a forum for those who are interested in the physiology of the nervous system. It brings together scientists who study the nervous system at all levels, from ion channels to single cells to whole brain areas and cellular networks.

The Theme spans a wide range of interests, from brain development and plasticity (the ability of the brain and nervous system to change structurally and functionally) to communication between the various cell types that make up the nervous system (e.g. neurones and glia). We are also interested in the sensory functions of vision, touch, hearing and smell, and motor control.

The Theme promotes research into the healthy nervous system as well as in what goes wrong in various neurological conditions such as dementia, epilepsy, motor neuron disease and stroke.

The current convenors are Mark Dallas (University of Reading) and Andy Randall (University of Exeter).

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