Travel grants

Our travel grants help physiologists attend conferences and workshops and provide invaluable opportunities for networking.

Apply for a travel grant

Who can apply?

Fellow, Full Members, Affiliate Members, Undergraduate Members

How much funding is available?

Full Members – up to £700
Affiliate Members – up to £500
Undergraduate Members – up to £100

Use the funding to:

  • Attend and present at a research or teaching conference (Undergraduates are not required to present work)
  • Visit another laboratory for collaborative research or to acquire/teach new techniques
  • Attend a practical workshop or training course that is relevant to physiology

When can I apply?

You should apply between 1—6 months before you wish to travel. Submission deadlines are on the last day of each month. Please refer to table below for deadlines for applications through out the year.

How do I apply?

Click on Apply for a travel grant button above

Deadlines for applications

Applications must be received at least one month before you wish to travel. Applications to attend events less than a month away will not be considered. If the event is listed on our website, you should check the event date in the Events section before applying.

Last day for submitting applicationFor Events after
31 January1 March
28 February1 April
31 March1 May
30 April1 June
31 May1 July
30 June1 August
31 July1 September
31 August1 October
30 September1 November
31 October1 December
30 November1 January
  • Recipients are required to include The Society logo on their posters or presentations. Find out more and download logo.
  • You must be a current Fellow, Full, Affiliate or Undergraduate Member.
  • Applications will be considered on a monthly basis (please note that there is no deadline in December).
  • You must submit your application at least one month, but no more than six months, before you wish to travel.
  • The grant should support travel with the aim of promoting the advancement of physiology.
  • Undergraduate Members can only apply for funding to attend a Society or Society-sponsored event or techniques workshop.
  • If you are an Affiliate Member and applying for a travel grant to a non-Society meeting, you must have been a member for more than one year (which can include any Undergraduate membership) OR have previously presented at a Society meeting.
  • Affiliate and Undergraduate Members may be asked to provide a letter of support from a supervisor or Head of Department; if this is required you will be contacted once your application is under review.
  • A sample of successful applicants will be selected at random to account for monies received. Please ensure you retain receipts for 12 months after the date of travel.
  • Unused travel grants must be returned to The Society for the benefit of other physiologists. Not returning unspent funds may result in future applications being rejected. Contact to receive the necessary details to make a payment.
  • Travel grant payments can only be made to the bank account that belongs to the applicant.

Due to increasing demand, and to avoid disadvantage to applications made later in the calendar year, The Society travel grant allocation will be apportioned monthly based on previous trends in demand.

In any month where the total requested funds from eligible applications exceeds the funding available for that month, applications will be considered in competition. The following order of prioritisation will be observed in order to ensure a fair allocation of funds across our membership:

Priority 1. No Travel Grant in the previous 12 months for oral presentation at meeting this year

Priority 2. No Travel Grant in the previous 12 months for poster presentation or workshop/lab visit this year

Priority 3. Travel Grant in the previous 12 months for oral presentation at a meeting this year

Priority 4. Travel Grant in the previous 12 months for poster presentation or workshop/lab visit this year

Funding will be awarded sequentially through the various levels until the available budget is reached. At this point, funding will be allocated on proportional random selection from each membership category (e.g. if 20 affiliates and 40 full members applied, for every one affiliate application selected, 2 Full Member applications would be selected).

If the budget is not reached in any given month, it will roll forward to the following month. Unsuccessful but eligible applicants may choose to resubmit their application provided they are still within the deadline for their intended meeting.

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