Fellow Members are those who have demonstrated career progression, professionalism, and commitment to physiology and The Society. 

We congratulate the following members on achieving this.

July 2017

  • Lucy Donaldson, University of Nottingham

June 2017

  • Douglas Bovell, Weill Cornell Medical College Qatar
  • Frank Mojiminiyi, Usman Dan Fodio University 
  • Louise Robson, University of Sheffield 
  • Robert Unwin, University College London

May 2017

  • Damian Bailey, University of South Wales
  • Deborah Baines, St George’s University of London
  • Kim Barrett, University of California 
  • Angus Brown, University of Nottingham
  • Marco Canepari, National Institute of Medical Research 
  • Gordon Cooper, University of Sheffield
  • Susan Currie, University of Strathclyde 
  • Timothy Curtis, The Queen’s University at Belfast 
  • Brian Day, Institute of Neurology 
  • Mary Diaz, University of Edinburgh 
  • Jack Feldman, University of California 
  • Stuart Galloway, University of Stirling 
  • Simon Gandevia, Neuroscience Research Australia 
  • Carolyn Greig, University of Birmingham 
  • Patrick Harrison, University College Cork
  • Christopher Johnson, The Queen’s University of Belfast 
  • Andrew Jones, University of Exeter
  • Andrew King, University of Oxford
  • Peter Kohl, University Heart Centre Freiburg
  • Ken O’Halloran, University College Cork
  • David Paterson, University of Oxford
  • Susan Pyner, University of Durham
  • Andrew Randall, University of Exeter
  • Richard Ribchester, University of Edinburgh 
  • Alexey Semyanov, Institute of Neuroscience Russia
  • Luis Sobrevia, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
  • Rachel Tribe, King’s College London
  • Jeremy Ward, King’s College London
  • Michael White, University of Birmingham 
  • David Wyllie, University of Edinburgh 
  • Alexander Zholos, Kiev National Shevchenko University 


Full details of Fellowship and how to apply can be found here.