Human & Exercise Physiology - HE

The HE Theme is a forum for those interested in basic, applied or translational human and exercise physiology. It covers research from cellular pathways that regulate our metabolic responses,  exercise and nutrition, to ‘whole body’ studies of movement and how our cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems respond.

Taking skeletal muscles (those attached to bones) as an example, research that falls under the HE Theme aims to identify the molecular events that underlie the weakening and shrinking of muscles as we age. Research also looks at how muscles respond to physical training and whether it is possible to use this knowledge to help people maintain their physical performance – whether they are elite athletes recovering from injury or frail patients recovering from illnesses.

This Theme also covers how the body responds to changes in environmental conditions such as extremes of heat, cold, or atmospherics – this research is important to see how the body responds when working in different climates, at different altitudes, or even in space.

The current convenors are Gladys Onambele-Pearson (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Kostas Tsintzas (University of Nottingham).

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