Vascular & Smooth Muscle Physiology - VS

The VS Theme is a forum for those interested in vascular biology. To try and understand how the function of our veins, arteries and the fluid they circulate is regulated, this Theme focuses on two broad areas:  the endothelium – the thin layer of cells which lines blood vessels from the heart to the smallest capillary – and smooth muscle, which surrounds our hollow organs such as the intestines, bladder and uterus.

The Theme spans a wide range of vascular-related interests, from the mechanisms that underlie diseases such as atherosclerosis (the thickening of arteries) and hypertension (high blood pressure) which can lead to heart attack, to aspects of blood flow and hormone circulation that affect the function of endothelial and smooth muscle cells.

The current convenor is Richard Siow at King’s College London. 

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