Vascular & Smooth Muscle Physiology - VS

The VS Theme is a forum for those interested in all aspects of vascular and smooth muscle biology and we encourage engagement in a broad range of physiology-related topics.  Vascular interests span from the macro to microcirculations, homocellular and heterocellular interactions (e.g. interplay between endothelial cells and pericytes, immune cells and smooth muscle cells), blood flow control mechanisms, vasopermeability, vasculogenesis, blood vessel remodelling and vascular regeneration. The VS Theme also encompasses the study of smooth muscle function whether this be in vascular or non-vascular tissues. Smooth muscle cells surround all hollow organs in the body and studying their function helps us to understand many crucial phenomena including gastrointestinal motility, bladder voiding and uterine contraction during menstruation and labour.  The phenotypic malleability of vascular cells (and often non-vascular smooth muscle cells) characterises numerous physiological remodelling processes but can also contribute to the pathophysiologies of many major disease conditions. The VS Theme therefore considers work that studies the molecular, cell, tissue or organ-level mechanisms underlying clinical disorders/syndromes such as tumourogenesis, coronary vascular disease, cerebrovascular dysfunction, hypertension, inflammatory disorders, diabetic complications, over-active bladder, irritable bowel or preterm labour. 

The current conveners are Michael Taggart (Newcastle University) and Tim Curtis (Queen's University Belfast).

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