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Experimental Physiology has been publishing discovery in physiology since 1908. The journal focuses on the translation and integration of research, specifically manuscripts that deal with both physiological and pathophysiological questions that investigate gene/protein function using molecular, cellular and whole animal approaches. Methodological papers are encouraged, as are papers that use computational models to further our understanding of physiological processes.

The journal’s Editor-in-Chief is Paul McLoughlin and and its 2013 Impact Factor is 2.871.

For authors

Authors pay no submission fees or page charges. The International Editorial Board offers authors an expert peer review, endeavouring to reach an initial decision within 4–5 weeks of submission. Authors can expect their article to be published online in author PDF version within a week and in final copy edited version within 6 weeks of acceptance. Authors can pay to make articles Open Access immediately using the Online Open program.

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For readers

Articles are free to all readers after 12 months. The journal’s archive covering papers published from 1908 to 2010 is freely available online. To access journal content that has been published within 12 months you will need a subscription. Alternatively, access to all Society publications is free with a Society membership. Read the current issue.

Institutional subscriptions are handled by Wiley-Blackwell.