Paton Lecture

Why and how are we living longer?– Thomas B. L. Kirkwood

IUPS 2017, 2 August 2017, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Kirkwood, T. B. L. (2017), Why and how are we living longer?. Exp Physiol. doi:10.1113/EP086205


From single cells and single columns to cortical networks: dendritic excitability, coincidence detection and synaptic transmission in brain slices and brains – Bert Sakmann

Physiology 2016, 31 July 2016, Dublin, UK. Sakmann B (2017) Exp Physiol 102, 489–521


Maud, Nettie, Ghetel and George: the hidden women of the early Physiological Society – Tilli Tansey

Celebrating 100 years of Women’s Membership of The Physiological Society, 2 December 2015, London, UK.  


A historical perspective on peripheral reflex cardiovascular control from animals to man - Peter Sleight

Physiology 2014,2 July 2014, London, UK. Sleight P (2014) Exp Physiol 99, 1017–1026

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Purinergic signalling: from discovery to current developments - Geoffrey Burnstock


IUPS 2013, the XXXVII International Congress of Physiological Sciences, 25 July 2013, Birmingham, UK. Burnstock G (2014) ExpPhysiol 99, 16–34


Neural circulatory control during exercise: early insights - Jere Mitchell

Physiology 2012, 3 July 2012, Edinburgh, UK. Mitchell JH (2013) Exp Physiol 98, 867–878

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Centenary of the Anglo-American high-altitude expedition to Pikes Peak - John B West

July 2011, Oxford, UK. West JB (2012) Exp Physiol 97, 1–9


The sympathetic nervous system through the ages: from Thomas Willis to resistant hypertension - Murray Esler

Esler M (2011) Exp Physiol 96, 611–622

The 2010 Paton Lecture was given on 30 June 2010 at ‘Physiology 2010', University of Manchester, UK.

To breathe or not to breathe? That is the question - K. Michael Spyer

Spyer KM (2009) Exp Physiol 94, 1–10

The 2008 Paton Lecture was given on Wednesday 16th July at The Physiological Society Meeting in Cambridge, UK.

Claude Bernard, the first systems biologist, and the future of physiology - Denis Noble

Noble D (2008) Exp Physiol 93, 16–26

Based on the Paton Lecture delivered with the same title to the Life Sciences 2007 meeting in Glasgow in July 2007.

Landmarks in understanding the central nervous control of the cardiovascular system - John H Coote

Joint international meeting of The Physiological Society and FEPS, 21 July 2005, University of Bristol, UK. Coote JH (2007) Exp Physiol 92, 3–18