Physiology Friday! - Friday 12 October 2018

Physiology Friday

About Physiology Friday 

Every October, we ask physiologists to unite in celebration of Physiology Friday, an annual event falling on the last Friday of Biology Week.

We call on all our Members to help showcase the important and amazing world of human and animal bodies through outreach and public engagement activities.  Hold an open day in your lab, put on an exhibition, organise a public lecture or debate, visit schools or local community groups, bake a cake, write a poem, or start a social media campaign: do all you can to spread your passion for the science of life. 

Why take part?

There are so many avenues when it comes to outreach and public engagement, from schools visits and science festivals to stand-up comedy, and theatre shows exploring scientific concepts - but what they all have in commons that they aim to capture attention, stimulate interest, and communicate a message or topic, but why should you take part?  

  • Increase your communication skills
  • Direct your research
  • Break down barriers between scientists and the public 
  • Make science more fun and accessible

Get Inspired!

Check out Physiology Friday stories from other Members for inspiration on the kind of things you could do!

Activities for you to use at your own events 

Need activity ideas? We have created two activities around this year’s focus  which is the physiology of our body clocks. Download the activity sheets and resources!

Why not also print out a cootie catcher or brain hat, or run an Eat.Poo.Sleep session?

Tell us about your activity! 

 We want to know what you are up to! Email if you have an activity in the pipeline, and we will send you your very own “I love Physiology” t-shirt as well as some Society freebies to hand out.


What support is available

There is also a limited amount of funding available to support our members to go into schools to promote physiology and for members to host activities to promote physiology and The Society at their institution. If you are interested in getting some financial support for an event, please email



Biobakes 2018- August-October

Get those mixing bowls and cake tins at the ready as we are delighted to bring back our annual physiology baking competition for its fifth year. Using creativity and originality to rise to the top, entrants should produce a baked good representing physiology, the science of life. If you are able to use sugar craft to show cell division, or shortcrust pastry to demonstrate muscle function, savoury or sweet, we want to see it! Find out more.